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Universe Sandbox is the latest and best version.

In development since 2011, it blows away the original version with improved physics, climate simulation, material properties, terraforming, and awesome collisions.


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For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Buy Universe Sandbox now to get instant access to the Early Access version and a pre-order for the final release.


You'll receive a Steam code to add Universe Sandbox to your Steam Library. Steam is free and automatic updates mean you'll always have the latest version.



Universe Sandbox is still in active development. We're not done fixing bugs, implementing features, and adding polish. But there's already a lot to explore, and every update introduces improvements. There are many more to come.




If you're an educator, you can purchase Universe Sandbox at a discount through TeacherGaming.


Instead of a Steam code, you will receive a standalone version of Universe Sandbox. You may also use this option if are not an educator and you'd like to purchase a standalone version at the full price. With this version, please note that 1) updates must be manually downloaded 2) there may be a delay between when updates are available on Steam and when they're available on the TeacherGaming Store and 3) some features that rely on Steam, like sharing simulations on Steam Workshop, are not available.